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Gem Consulting

Are you looking for the right kind of information about gems for your astrological needs? Or maybe you just want to buy gems for various reasons not excluding birthdates, good luck, prosperity, or for including them in your jewelry collection?

At SMH Gems & Jewels, we provide gems consulting where we listen to your needs and suggest exactly what you need to do, where you can buy the best of the gems, and how gems align with your needs.

Gem Dealer

At SMH Gems & Jewels, we deal with wholesalers, dealers, retailers, and distributors. If you'd like to strike a business deal with us, talk business, or if you are looking to invest, we'd be more than happy to help.

Gem Testing

Not all gems are created equal. There are a lot of gems out there that aren't exactly worth the sticker they have on them.

And then there are other low quality gems that many people try to sell. If you are a retailer if you are looking to sell only the best gems to your customers, we can provide you with years of our proprietary experience, knowledge, and insider knowledge to do gem testing. Our gem testing services only give you the brutal truth.

Jewelry work

Looking to include exotic gems into your favorite jewelry? Or would you like to offer these services as a jeweler to your customers? Either way, you can capitalize on the vast amount of inventory, expertise, knowledge, and skills we've accrued over the years. We can work with the most exotic gems to render some of the best jewelry designs the world has ever seen.

Astrological gems

We know that some gems have astrological significance. Based on your birthdays and other information, a few gems will always be special for you. We have a sea of inventory with some of the most precious, semi-precious, and astrologically significant gems of the highest quality in India, and even abroad.

Gem exporter

If you are an overseas importer, merchant, business owner, distributorship, ecommerce store, or a wholesaler abroad and if you'd like to partner with the best gems export in India, we are the people worth having a chat with. At SMH, we export the best quality gems backed by our sovereign guarantee on quality, workmanship, and service.

Gem Wholesalers

If you'd like to retail gems on your store or even on your ecommerce store, we'd happily supply gems wholesale. Our inventory is highly liquid, and our processes are transparent. As always, our service guarantee and product quality remain the best in India and abroad.

Whole sale dealers in Precious & Semi precious stone, Navarathna sets, All origional stones with certificates, Gem stones etc..

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